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We offer following services and products.


Threading Services

We offer threading services for Eyebrow, Forehead, Lips, Neck, Cheek, Chin and Sideburns. Walk-ins welcome!


Waxing Services

By appointment only. We offer waxing for Under Arms, Arms and Legs.



We sell Eyebrow powder (in variety of colors), brow hair gel and brow rejuvenating oil

About Threading

What is Threading?

Although relatively new to the Western world, the "threading" technique has served as a primary way of hair removal for years in the East. Through this method, the brow expert twists the thread and precisely places it at the site of hair removal, uprooting the hair from the follicle and leaving a smooth surface. This method gives the eyebrow a well-defined shape and also removes other facial hair.

Benefits of Threading

  • Less redness and skin irritation
  • Precise, fast, and less painful hair removal
  • More gentle on the skin
  • Hair doesn't grow back as fast
  • Doesn't tear off a layer of skin
  • Doesn't product ingrown hairs


  • Threading (Walk-ins welcome)
  • Eyebrow Shaping $11
  • Eyebrow (Men) $11
  • Full face $35
  • Side Burns (both) $10
  • Chin $8
  • Forehead $6
  • Upper Lip $6
  • Lower Lip $3
  • Neck $8
  • Cheek $6
  • Waxing (By appointment only)
  • Under Arms $15
  • Full Arms $30
  • Lower Legs $30
  • Upper Legs $35
  • Full Legs $60
  • Back $20
  • Chest $20
  • Bikini $20
  • Brazilian $50

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